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Brand & Logo Design

Making You Look Good Is An Art

Your logo is one of the most important parts of your business. It is your brand. It is your identity.

So many businesses rush through or worse, settle on this incredibly important piece of artwork. Logos that are iconic (think Coca Cola, Nike, Apple, etc) were carefully constructed. They were thought out and hand created by professional artists with a specific purpose and often, an underlying meaning. At Notice U Marketing we build logos with the same careful consideration and care.

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Print & Design Production

Good Design Brings Your Business To Life

From labels to brochures, good design is impactful. Look, feel, layout and font choice all speak to the quality of your business. Crafting these items with the viewer in mind, delivering key benefits concisely and effectively, using a lay outs that are on point and to the point is what we specialize in.

Please explore some of our recent projects:

Experience Means Your Brand Looks Great In Print

One of our Partners started his first newspaper in 1998 with some friends using a Mac LCII. Living in all forms of print to today we bring that experience to every project we build. We build our projects for the presses they run on to save time, money, production costs and more. We deliver print ready files when you already have a printer selected OR we bring final printed materials to you using one of our many top quality partner printers.

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Photography & Video Services

Photos and Video Tell The Story

Good websites, good social media and good advertising are driven by GREAT photos and video. Our professional team of photographers, videographers and editors  get the right shots to tell your story. Our photos and video drive engagement in social media, keep people on the site longer, build lasting brand awareness and make you look good.

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From full commercial production to food shots for your menu, get in contact with us and we will give you a full scope of work and recommended shot list.

Video Services

Video That Sells

OTT, Connected TV, Video in Social Media are winning the race for attention. Facebook says there is a +246% share rate for video posts  over any other type of posting on their platform. But just because it is video does not mean it is good. Our team of professional Videographers, Editors and story tellers have more than 40 years combined experience making top quality video. We have the right equipment, the right angles, the right lights, right voice over talents, and the right models to tell your story.

Here are some great examples:

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From full commercial production to a quick social media video, we do not leave your brand to chance. Call us and find out what we can do for your next video project.

Billboard & Signage Design