This Is How You Target Only Your Best Future Customer

  • Drop a digital net over your competitors
  • Tag every device of every customer that walks in their location
  • Chase them home and market your offers to them
  • Cha-Ching!

We Did All Of The Above & More. Here’s Proof:

We Target Exactly Your Best Customer, Devise The Right Message & Deliver It To The Palm Of Their Hands…

Data is a Buzzword with roots in facts: Data delivers new customers.

Data on your current customers tells us who your ideal best new customer will be. We build a mirror audience just like them and target them. We continuously optimize the process and it builds. You win.

While others talk “geo-fencing” we talk “micro-fencing.” We capture devices in the room as easily as someone targets a block.

Data is BIG business. Apps, mobile devices, Facebook, Google and many other giants collect massive amounts of information that is more actionable than ever. Used to be only big marketers had access; now you can use it too.

We will show you what you should use and what you should avoid. We strategize it, build it, optimize it, and more.  You really can’t lose.

Tracking Pixels Make it Happen…

We have used tracking pixels to generate millions of dollars in sales for our clients.

Data is collected everywhere online. Each time a person logs online and visits a website, a tracking pixel follows every move. It tracks what product(s) they looked at, what webpages they hit, and much more. The information collected is a digital marketer’s best friend as it is key to advertising, successful campaigns, and generating new sales.

Learn about tracking pixels here.