Rolling in Dough Cafe

From 10,000 searches a quarter to 92,000+ after three months of work.

Zombie Listings Bringing Our Client Down

The Problem:

This client purchased a restaurant that had changed owner hands twice before. Owners, managers and various workers had built listings all over the place. We found zombies everywhere – multiple listings across multiple website directories for business names that were long gone. These were creating major relevance issues and keeping the new restaurant from coming up in map searches. We gained access to every listing manually and carefully worked to keep the good reviews these zombies had. We corrected pertinent information, merged listings correctly and brought his Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor and other listings back into the top three.

Another Difference Maker:

Restaurants need business from within a five mile area of their business and this was no different. Our approach was to upgrade a bad website, develop geo-centric content and dramatically clean up the over 500 bad and duplicate directory listings. The result was a big gain in visibility in search (especially maps), increases in website traffic.

We also consulted on and set up, streamlined and managed all of the online ordering and reputations systems freeing the restaurant owner to just make great food, manage his people and provide great customer service.


Fast fixes resulted in massive visibility improvement – Map search was optimized and responsible for the client being seen in over 92,000 searches quarterly instead of the former sub 10,000 and 1,000 requests for Driving Directions each month.

Views on Google Maps and Google Search from before service commenced compared to during our services.

Views lead to actions. Those tracked actions grew as well.

Restaurant’s Need Our Help More Than Most…


There are so many pain points. Reviews, delivery services, reservation systems, competition, and more challenges make managing the digital footprint of a restaurant tougher than most. New technology from delivery services to Yelp make being a restauranteur even tougher than it used to be. Not only are you running a business in an aggressively competitive business sector, but now there’s pressure to manage your digital marketing channels and 10 robocalls a day from people pretending to be Google sounding unnecessary alarm bells definitely does not help.

You make great food, keep customers happy while do the daily digital work that will grow your business.

What We Do: We do what we do best so restaurant owners can do what they do best: Hospitality and great food!

We streamline. We integrate. We fix bad reviews. We make all of this technology work for restaurant owners so they can. We increase website traffic, drive calls and use requests for directions as the major key performance indicator. Someone requesting directions is definitely a new customer and everyone needs new customers.