We protect our clients AND their data

We do not trade our clients’ names publicly on the world wide web. We preserve client confidentiality. Below you can see data by category of businesses, rather than by name.  For serious inquiries, contact us and we’ll share specific case studies.

Legal Client

Our Performance

Legal search results pages are highly contested and many top-level digital marketing teams are actively working in that space.

Our client posted 74% gains in Google organic traffic searches for keywords that mattered most year over year

Overall the top 5 traffic sources improved

Feb 2019

Feb 2018

Our Custom Approach:

We immediately started a highly customized strategy based upon state of the art research. We corrected technical issues and sped up the site dramatically to meet AMP standards and recently amplified Google Mobile First preferences. We also cleaned up the conversion funnel, content, and overall user experience. We then added more pertinent content and began pressing ranking upward in semantic and long tail keyword terms.

In our research we noticed too many “wrong” keywords fogging search visibility. We corrected those factors and at the same time used it to our client’s advantage. The result was and continues to be consistent growth in ranking across better converting keywords. The changes made to site flow. Mobile speed and usability improved conversions as well.


Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensary

With over 43 million visitors per year, every 3-4 days the flood of tourists in Las Vegas flow out and are replaced by thousands more. It’s hard to establish brand affinity in a high churn market like this.

Being found first at that critical moment when tourists are ready to buy matters more than ever.

Our dispensary client is a tourist driven business. Their marketing channels are constrained by laws and policies most businesses do not contend with. As a result, Search Optimization is their most important battleground tactic in marketing.

Our strategies require:

  1. We get them found by users first
  2. We convert that user to a customer in 1 minute or less
  3. We build brand affinity with those users from a great shopping experience

March 2019

March 2018


How we do SEO for our clients

How We Work:  

Increasing traffic to your site is one thing but getting the right traffic to convert is the primary goal.


  • Audit your digital footprint, your market, your customer’s search strategies, and your competitors
  • Strategize short term and long term improvements to your site that
    • Increase conversion
    • Drive ranking upward
    • Earn traffic from gains in authority
  • Deliver a custom strategy with defined milestones
  • Pick team members who fit best with your projects
  • Go to Work
  • Use data to drive optimization month over month and year over year

We monitor security ranking and industry chatter to catch changes that affect your ranking as soon as possible.

While we focus on Google we look for every opportunity to grow your traffic, including Bing, Youtube, maps, and social search.

We manage the conversion funnel to get the most out of all traffic.