Driving Leads For Sol-Up Solar


We break down how Notice U Marketing helped Sol-Up Solar grow to 120+ new customers per month while dealing with an immense amount of rapid change. 

Notice U Delivered Results:


Sol-Up Solar was doing well but suffered several issues that hampered growth. Site ranking in search was terrible and conversions from all traffic were low. They had many marketing functions that were being done in pieces and tracking was minimal. For example, the website’s organic traffic primarily came from Africa related keywords instead of Las Vegas Solar searches. When we showed them this fact in an audit, they brought us on quick for SEO but the relationship quickly evolved to include much more.

Notice U Marketing was initially brought in for two purposes:
1. Drive conversions from paid media budgets
2. Get Sol-Up ranking in the Top 3 for Las Vegas Solar searches.

We quickly began handling a variety of different needs, eventually becoming their entire “Out of House” marketing department.

Four months into our relationship, Sol-Up embarked on an aggressive growth strategy. Adding several new decision makers, expanding their service territory to Reno, and adding a brand new Windows and Doors division.

They tasked Notice U to drive all facets of digital marketing to meet their growth expectations from defining the brand to coming up with creative. We had as many as 10 team members working on Sol-Up projects at any given moment and were fielding as many as a dozen Client requests per day.


Brand New Windows and Doors Division: 

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We managed paid media spending and maximized the performance of those placements. Our ads were appealing and effectively targeted, and accompanying landing pages were designed to lead to high conversions. As conversions increased, so did budgets, and so did sales.

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We reviewed quite a few tools to help increase more efficient conversion and ultimately adopted Demand IQ and Google’s Project Sunroof. Implementing them, coupled with our refinements, successfully generated high-value leads that closed more than 60% of the time.


When we took over SEO, Sol-Up Solar had high traffic and high rankings for keywords. We installed a better search structure, backlinks, and SEO tactics.

Hamstrung by underperforming traffic and rankings for the wrong keywords, we cleaned up 3,500 individual problems that were causing significant issues. After the revision, organic traffic dropped, but all-important conversions increased.

Over a year later, Sol-Up expanded into several other markets and launched an entirely new division.  We crafted three new websites, and Sol-Up was off to achieving record-high sales figures.

During our year and a half of working with Sol-Up, Notice U Marketing created four websites for Windows and Doors Division and two client-instigated rebranding efforts. We produced highly effective, top-shelf websites. Added to these were several purpose-driven landing pages that aided conversion and proper messaging for business development.

Expanding to Reno and Beyond

Sol-Up expanded to one of Notice U Marketing’s favorite markets: Reno, Nevada.

Within two months of Sol-Up announcing  they were launching in Reno, Notice U Marketing had a phone number, Google listing, Yelp listing, a dedicated Reno version of the website, and a paid media campaign up and running with full tracking. We also had a strong SEO effort working to move Sol-Up to page one in local Reno searches. 

With no previous brand affinity whatsoever, Sol-Up had to rely on getting leads as an unknown startup in a very tight market. The paid media strategy of Video, Social, and Google ads began generating leads almost immediately. 

Using a forward-leaning search-based strategy with heavy remarketing, we built trust fast and in short order harvested qualified leads from the Reno market. 

How is it to work with NoticeU Marketing?

During our relationship, this client underwent several significant managerial changes multiple times, including several incoming and outgoing people in upper management and marketing positions. 

Additionally, the company was growing at a breakneck pace. We managed multiple layers of communication amongst the ongoing changes in personnel, decision-makers, and revisions of goals and directives. Notice U Marketing was highly responsive throughout this high change, often frenetic environment. 

We worked through a blizzard of major upheavals occurring almost hourly, daily, and most certainly weekly. We stayed focused on activities that drove leads and sales and stayed ever responsive to a wide variety of requests, even picking up Social Media for 30 days while they sought a new team member. 

Ultimately we are proud to say that during our tenure Sol-Up consistently enjoyed record-high sales month-over-month.

So what happened next? Having hit a maximum level, Sol-Up elected to bring its entire marketing effort in-house by hiring multiple full-time people. While this diminished our role, there is no doubt that Notice U Marketing set them up for continued success. 

In other words, we can and will help you achieve your goals too! 

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