What’s in it for you?

We are Dedicated Partners who care about your wins.

We do work that makes you money.

Our Core Values

Be Quick

Work Hard

Show Integrity

Serve Others

Our Cause

Notice U Marketing exists to make marketing cohesive, understandable, and manageable for our clients while we:

  • Increase traffic to their website/business
  • Increase sales and or lead conversions from that traffic.

We do marketing that leads to sales.

Ultimately you are buying what we know how to do: 40+ years of traditional advertising, marketing, events experience combined with 20+ years of digital marketing experience means you get custom solutions that work for you.

Our Approach

The Notice U Marketing Difference:

  • Our approach leads to quick collaboration, shortened timelines, and increased client satisfaction across all of the services we perform.
  • We stay nimble and focused on the needs of just a few selected clients, their customers, their competitors, and their battlefronts.
  • We take the time to explain strategy and tools employed and we tailor reporting to the facts that matter to each client.
  • We offer 100% transparency down to the project management software and communication platforms we use as a team. Zero filtering. Clients can see the team members, tasks, and communications any time they want to.
  • We prioritize WORK over talk.

We are a digital and traditional solutions company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We serve clients nation wide.

The Proof

When it came time to have a Grand Opening for Liquor World’s 7th store, the dedicated owners of Notice U Marketing were on the cranes and roof hanging the signs and streamers last minute. Why? Success meant a DIY solution was needed immediately:

Notice U means just that: Get YOU noticed: When it came to getting this brand new business noticed for its opening weekend on one of the busiest corners in Las Vegas, we pulled out all the stops. The result was just under 1,000 brand new customers in the first weekend making it the biggest Grand Opening in Liquor World history.

Read the Whole Liquor World Story Here.

The Wins of Our Clients Matter Most.