The Marijuana Dispensary Industry is Incredibly competitive.

Releaf Las Vegas

Marijuana Dispensaries Can’t Advertise. They Only Have Search Ranking. This makes the Map Search space incredibly competitive.

The Problem We Solved: Every 3-4 days all of the tourists in Las Vegas leave and are replaced by millions more. It’s hard to have any brand affinity in this kind of churning marketplace. Being found first when tourists are ready to buy matters most in this environment.

This dispensary client is tourist driven with a location right off of the Las Vegas Strip. Their marketing channels are limited by law and policies that most businesses do not have to contend with. As a result, Search Optimization is their most important marketing tactic.

Our strategies require:

  1. We get them found by users first
  2. We build brand affinity with those users from a great shopping experience
  3. We convert that user to a customer in 1 minute or less

The Results:

Steady growth since services began – Now map search optimization is responsible for our client being seen in over 500,000 searches every month:

Visibility results in Clicks – Monthly clicks for driving directions from users range from 3,000 to 9,000 per month. 9,000 customers driving to your store at an average sale of $20 is $180,000 in revenue: