Lead Gen

These sites are built to convert traffic to leads. Conversion mechanisms include phone calls, SMS text messaging, Facebook Messenger, forms, chat tools, and more.


Red Carpet Moving needed a modernized site to showcase the vast array of services they provide. Particular focus needed to be placed on their high-end white gloved services and the long term trust they have with upscale major clients like Restoration Hardware, the Palms, and other notables such as Dana White of UFC fame.


C&D Pickleball Nets

The sport of Pickleball is heating up across the nation. Cammie and Darrin of C&D Pickleball Nets make the highest quality nets right here in the USA. After significant grassroots success they solicited us for a full branding build-out which included logo, business cards, brochures, signage, and website. 


Herbology Tours

Herbology Tours is a startup enterprise in Las Vegas. It gives people an educational and fun filled experience touring destinations in the Las Vegas marjiuana industry. Selling the fun and getting people to make contact are keys to creating success for this client.


Arrow Collision

A Arrow Alignment is a highly recommended and well known auto repair company in Las Vegas. When they decided to expand into collision repair they needed a new brand and lead generating website designed. We modified the recognizable logo of the alignment shop and set about to make a high quality website that works especially well on mobile.


Innovative Plumbing Pros

Innovative Plumbing Pros required a site rebuild to better position in Google search ranking while converting from chat, phones, and form fills. The plumbing space is incredibly competitive and over crowded. It features category killers like Homeadvisor and Angieslist.


US Oil Solutions

This is the area’s foremost company for providing fresh large scale, quality, affordable cooking oils and servicing its waste removal for restaurants, casinos, and food-service industries. The primary purpose of the site is to demonstrate the significant improvements US Oil Solutions makes for a food service business’ bottom line. The build is to reflect US Oil Solutions industry-leading, technologically and advanced, sophisticated offerings.


AllNOne Bail

In mid 2018 Google forbid bail bonds companies from marketing their services in Pay Per Click (AdWords). All N One relied heavily on Pay Per Click ads for the bulk of their leads. With this change their only chance at maintaining lead flow was to start earning search ranking in Google. The challenges the site faced before our work was it did not work correctly on mobile, conversion was slow and cumbersome and Google could not crawl the site correctly.


A First Impression Signs

Operating for over 30 years in Henderson, Nevada,, A 1st Impression Signs is a family owned enterprise with deep roots. Offering top quality signage, hand built and professionally installed, they needed a website to reflect their commitment to quality. We shot pictures, developed a refreshed logo, and built this website with lead generation and the desired level of ecommerce functionality around a do-it-yourself banner creation.


Karate Irvine

Karate Irvine is one of the oldest and best martial arts schools in Southern California. After spending a couple of years with a turnkey, templated website provider (MoPro), Karate Irvine’s search ranking and conversion was stumbling downward. We were called in to build a fast, search and video friendly website to showcase all aspects of their unique and powerful training programs.


Las Vegas Ticket Attorney

Client was spending too many thousands of dollars a month on Pay Per Click marketing as a direct result of losing their top level Google search ranking. They were buying clicks to make up the shortfall in organic clicks. They were also experiencing low conversion from the clicks they were getting, especially on mobile devices where the look and feel was cumbersome and a big turn off for users. We redesigned a higher converting, much more Google friendly, and mobile ready website. We sourced all brand new photo imagery, wrote a lot of content, and structured a much better performing website.



Convincing people to enter the building is key. Providing enough information and imagery to make your business the destination of choice is key.

Las Vegas Releaf

Las Vegas ReLeaf began business as one of the first medical marijuana facilities in Las Vegas. When recreational use became law, ReLeaf needed a site refresh that consumers, primarily tourists, would find engaging and informative. We focused on coming up with a look that set them apart as well as making it easy to shop and come in. We launched brand new technology including Lyft and Uber buttons that when clicked, open the apps on the consumer’s phone with ReLeaf pre-programmed in as the destination.


Edward M Bernstein & Associates

The personal injury attorney category is absolutely one of the most competitive landscapes in digital search marketing. We took over Ed’s site and did fast work optimizing all aspects of it from a speed and search engine optimization standpoint. Load times came down to one second and rankings came up in many of the key search terms such as “car accident lawyer.” We also built a robust custom Driver’s Education sample test to back a new driver’s marketing initiative. Data science, tracking and conversion based optimization have been a major thrust since day one with several tests and improvements made monthly. Most recently we added a SMS based chat tool and conversion from chat to leads have seen a 30% increase.



Sites that provide an informational portal for your current customers and prospective customers. Good presentation of material and lots of content are keys to success. People have short attention spans and finding what they are looking for easily is crucial to the User Experience.

United Studios of Self Defense Las Vegas

Client wanted a very unique, custom design that would set them apart from all other dojos in Las Vegas. They wanted it to feel like a movie set and needed it to present well for Google as search engine performance was a key for their marketing plan. Needed parents and kids are the primary targets, so it had to be fun as well as informative. We spent many hours on custom graphics throughout the website, added motion, and while keeping it thin on bandwidth to make sure it still loaded fast.


Brian Head Ski Resort

The Ski Vacation Industry is very competitive. Brian Head depends on pulling travellers in from Las Vegas and Southern California to insure its success. To that end we built a very clean top quality, gorgeous site that does a great job of “show and tell” for Brian Head advantages over other ski resort choices. It is constantly being worked and reworked to be fast and high converting. It is a big part of the record attendance year Brian Head enjoyed again this year 2018/2019 on top of the one we set the previous ski season. Transacting through lift ticket sales, as well as supporting local lodging partners, are important Key Performance Indicators on this project.



Profitably transacting on the web is no accident. From how people get there to what you need to do to protect from abandoned carts and generate sales from as many of the people visiting your site as possible.

Back to Normal Arnica Cream

Originally running on the Shopify platform, Back to Normal was experiencing transactional and search ranking problems. They were also hindered in creating their vision of a fully community-driven, guide-based informational website, coupled to a one click ordering transactional engine. We proposed and provided a full ecommerce solution built on a wordpress platform. We built it to be highly customized and extremely flexible, while custom programming several tools. Coming soon to the site are video guides and a lot more products.


LUV Flavors

A start up olive oil company came to us looking for a fast turnkey solution to get an eCommerce store live on the web. We started with Shopify, the client’s preferred platform and built out all branding including logos and product labels. We carefully curated plug-ins and other integrations to make the shopping experience and the user experience as easy as possible. We also built inventory integrated social media, eBay and Amazon channels to further market their products.


In Progress


With many, many brick and mortar locations driving their overall sales, the website had aged and was not performing well on any devices. In years past the site had been a major money maker. Today e-commerce sales of magic tricks and props is a billion dollar industry, so this client was missing a potentially massive revenue stream. This new site is a full magento build out with over 1,200 products and 90 tutorial videos. We are in the process building out a pay wall for other instructional videos. The development site is a full re-brand and responsive layout that stays true to the Houdini imaged while updating and modernizing the look.