Reaching 442,680 People To Grow Two New Restaurants.

How We Built Social Media for Chinglish Wine Bar & Kosher Chinglish

This is How 600 Posts, Countless Hours of Video and Influencer Relationships Grew a Big Audience for Chinglish.

Two restaurants with virtually the same name, serving virtually the same dishes, launched in the middle of the pandemic.

Success required two very distinct and different followings in Social Media.

Boca Park or “Summerlin Adjacent” as we like to call it is very competitive. It is easily the most crowded restaurant geography in Las Vegas outside of the Strip corridor. Most competitors are trying equally as hard to gain followers in Social Media. We were up against stiff competition.

Unique Challenges :

  • Build social media accounts for two restaurants from scratch.
  • Make sure both restaurants had their niche.
  • Make follow worthy content.
  • Use social media to drive new customers to the restaurants.

The population around Summerlin is extremely restaurant friendly with many eating out as often as 6 times per week during normal times but this was during a Pandemic. People just were not eating out nearly as often. When they ate out, it was with their cozy longtime favorites.

Our Custom Strategy:


Did we mention content? We shot thousands of videos and photos over the course of the year. We edited together more than 600 custom videos and posts.

We strategized branding guidelines and worked with influencers. We ran like, follow, and comment campaigns to ingratiate Chinglish with hundreds of local customers.

Some of Our Chinglish Wine Bar Content

Social Media is Social Verification.

Social media sets the tone. Social media set the expectations. Social Media verifies and validates that people are choosing wisely.

Chinglish Wine Bar reached over 330,000 individuals in Las Vegas with over a half-million impressions through IG and Facebook.

We earned a 20,000 person CORE AUDIENCE that lived within 5 miles of the restaurant and dined out frequently.

Our work produced nearly 10,000 likes comments and shares during year 1.

Not bad when you considered it started at 0!

The Results:

Kosher Chinglish operated with the goal of achieving top of mind awareness with a small close knit community. Quality of relationships mattered more than quantity of touches. We also had to make sure these restaurants had distinctly different voices.

Kosher Chinglish’s social media accounts delivered over 169,800 individual impressions.

Reached 98,085 people through social media.

We created a 5,000 person CORE AUDIENCE of primarily Jewish followers inside of 5 miles around the restaurant.

The restaurant became quite popular nationally, also becoming a “when in Vegas’ destination.

Some of Our Kosher Chinglish Content

Highlight Challenge: Pack The Restaurant for Mother’s Day

When Reservations Were Light We Shot Video:

Unique Challenge: Get mom’s and families to try a new restaurant on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day means taking mom to her favorite restaurant on one of the biggest dining out holidays of the year. When your restaurant is less than 6 months old you’re still earning favorite status.

We used the power of Video and a strong family message. This was part of a series that gathered huge numbers without boosting.

  • 688 Minutes of video watched.
  • 2,701 completed views.
  • 179 Clicks to the Reservations page.

These organic reach numbers came from sharing and secondary reach as the follower counts for these brand new pages were still sub 500.

Check Out These Video Highlight Reels:

More People Check Social Media Before Trying a New Restaurant…


Most restaurant owners are very aware of their review status in Yelp and Google but the reality is more people than ever check your Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok to see if your food, atmosphere and the vibe of your place is worth their time.

Making good content takes a lot of time and expertise. With the growing number of people using Social Media to recon your restaurant, you need professional help.

You make great food, keep customers happy while WE do the daily digital work that will grow your business.