“If you’re not first, you’re last”
has never been more true than with Google.

There are three ways to be first:

Earning your way to Page 1, Position 1.

In case you do not already know why this matters: Google is where people go most often, the second they are ready to purchase and the top organic result is known to be the best choice. More than 30% of the clicks on the internet go to page one, position one in search results. What’s more they are 16% more likely to trust and buy from that website. That’s 30% of the leads, sales, traffic and other goodies that make you money.

Earning your way to the top using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gives you more clicks, tells people you’re the right choice, and gives you the best competitive advantage nearest the consumer’s moment of purchase. Those clicks convert to sale 16% more often than any other traffic source including Paid Search Ads. So how do you get there?

Excellent Content + Great Architecture + Authority + Good SEO Work

There are several hundred activities involved in great SEO. The best SEO teams use carefully constructed, well executed CUSTOM strategies. Good SEO takes time and effort, observation and study. There are few shortcuts so you should beware of teams claiming instant results or cheap packages.

We start with in-depth research into your situation, your marketplace and your competitors. We run deep on page audits of your website and competitor websites. These in-depth assessments enable us to make performance promises to you that we can keep.

To see the most recent proof of our good work, call or you can see some recent case studies here.

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AdWords (Google Ads) is NOT an even playing field.

PPC (Pay Per Click) boosts sales or wastes hundreds of dollars. When strategically done, it shores up weaknesses in search ranking and allows you to compete aggressively nearest the time of purchase.

When bids go up Google wins. So how is it in their best interest to give you better advice than they would give your competitor? The real edge comes from adding great intel, experience, and dedicated supervision to your team. We have placed and/or manage several hundreds of thousands of dollars in Adwords and Bing campaigns and can show how our involvement consistently improved sales while reducing costs of acquisition for our clients.

There are 100’s of variables we optimize for our clients . We lean heavily on Conversion Based Optimization which is another way of saying strategy and action based on data that guides us exactly to combinations that convert to sales. We also implement website and ad content strategies to increases your quality scores making better search positions and clicks cost less. We gather intel on the market and your competitors to give you an ultimate edge in bid strategy.

Whether you are already running a PPC campaign and need a second opinion or whether you are looking for a fast way to improve sales of new products, we are here to work for you.

To see the most recent proof of our good work, call or you can see some recent case studies here.

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