“Step right up! See the social media one guy called Embarrassing!

NEWSFLASH: That same Social Media that produced 10 Million impressions this year. Drove 800,000+ engagement. Grew followers by 121% year over year and made all of our clients more money. It worked like “MAGIC.”

Our Social Media Team Produces MAGIC!

FACE IT. The current forecast for Social Media is “Fragmented with a strong chance of major boring s#*t.”

How do you win in social media when:

Everyone is an expert?

Everyone is an influencer?

Everyone produces better content?

Everyone knows better than you?

Worse, does your business’s social media feed looks like a steady stream of ads?

Will whatever your kids are looking at now really put Facebook out of business tomorrow?

Speaking of that… what exactly is the Metaverse?

SPOILER ALERT: You won’t please everyone.

Here are the Rules For Good Social Media Results:

1. Set a course, stay the course. We use message and theme sprints to stay on point with follow worthy content.

2. Make sure ALL content has value to the user: Entertain, inform, engage.

3. Know thyself. If you’re not funny, skip the jokes. If you’re not trendy, let the trends skip you.

4. 80/20 content rule applies: 80% sets tone and fills feeds. 20% gets attention and real engagement.

5. Have the courage to be disliked. Trying to please everyone is mediocrity.

6. Look at social media content as a function of your business and remove your ego.

7. Content should not look like ads.

8. The truth is in the data. Pay attention to metrics.

Your Social Media is not for YOU – It’s for your customers!

When you hire Notice U to do so social media our job is to

Find out what your customers will like.

But more importantly we…

Make content they choose to follow.

And even more important than that…

We make content they will like well enough to engage with.

But better yet…

We build a relationship that leads to buying and loyalty.

That’s Magic!

So before you hire a 20 something with “wicked iPhone skills,” know this…

Platform awareness is important. Content is king. MAGIC creates sales.

Content, while vital is just a small part of truly profiting from Social Media.

When’s the last time you shared something you saw on social media to your friends?

When is the last time something on social media stuck with you or led you to go somewhere?

Good Social Media nurtures your audience building from:

        1. Attention to Interest

  1. Interest to fandom.

  2. Fandom to action.

  3. Action to allegiance.

Our Strategies are Your ADVANTAGE

For some clients we filled in gaps. For others we did of all of their social media content, posting, comment moderating and more. In all cases, strategy + content created MAGIC. Here’s the content highlights from this year and links to read more.

Brian Head

For years Notice U helped but in 2021/2022 Brain Head relied on Notice U Marketing for ALL social media content. We produced over 700 items. Videos, graphics, captions. We ran contests and moderated commenting. We posted Powder alerts at 5am whenever they occurred .

  • Instagram followers + 28% to over 32,000.
  • Increased Facebook reach 170% over prior year reach.
  • Increased Instagram reach 176% over the prior year.
  • Gained 150 hours of video views over the year prior (280 hours vs 124).

Chinglish Restaurant Group

We overcame so many Unique challenges with excellent content.

  • Two brand new restaurants sitting side by side, serving the same dishes need different audiences.
  • Over 442,000 impressions delivered.
  • Core audiences of 25,000 built in less than a year.
  • Over 600 pieces of video, graphics, captions and other top quality content custom made and posted.


When Covid hit and the Casino closed we came up with the idea to entertain followers in Facebook while they were home stuck on social. We took advantage of the situation delivered over 1 MILLION impressions during Covid with fun posts, contests, giveaways and more. We entertained while most other casinos went completely dark.

When the closures lifted (and for 19 months after), Baldini’s has led the local casino market. Many months gaming revenue was 21% over the market while the entire gaming market was down 11%. This magic is no accident.

From March 2020 to July 31, 2020:

  • Over 1 million impressions (up 199% over prior period)
  • Over 52,000 clicks to the website (up 448% – was 9,600)
  • 17,270 likes up 212% from the prior 5,540 likes

Baldini’s Facebook hit reach numbers of 905,530 during the closure up 174% over the period prior.

Let’s Get Social!

Social Media Magic means we are picky about the clients we will or will not work with.

No other Digital Marketing service requires more energy and work than Social Media management. Making MAGIC is a massive undertaking with a lot of variables. It is intensely competitive and sometimes the best ideas might be just be a little… embarrassing. In other words MAGIC means it takes the right client and the right approach to win.

We get it…

It may feel like you were burned in the past on Social Media services. With the wide variety of opinions, standards, approaches and and never ending amount of landmines. The social media you loved, people hated.

They failed. We won’t.

You will find out why when we meet and discuss your needs. The social media audit ($330 value) and the consultation is free.  

So if you are like the guy mentioned above, you might find some content embarrassing.

You will be more embarrassed by the way your bank account is growing.

Hey! Everyone is an expert. You can’t please everyone. We focus on what works to build your audience and their response levels.

You might not like every piece of content. With our approach it is likely that 80% will simply keep your brand on their phones daily while the other 20% will be visual poetry meant to get you shares and high engagement. All of it will WORK as part of a strategy to build your sales.



For a short time, we are offering a free Social Media audit. FREE. Nada. A $330 service for FREE. We will spend a solid couple of hours looking over your channels, content, market place -we will even dig into your competition. Even if you don’t hire us you still get the audit FREE!

You literally have nothing to lose and you may well find the key to YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in social media. Fill out this form or call us 702-472-8672!