There are four basic types of Google ads:

  1. Listing ads
  2. Featured map ads
  3. Shopping ads
  4. Professional service ads

A person types or dictates what they’re looking for into their browser and Google pops up a webpage with what its robots have determined are the best answers. These “best” answers are the contents of the map listings that highlight the places nearest the searcher and ten organic results. Google does not get paid for map listings and organic results so they show ads first whether they be a featured map listing, listing ads, shopping ads, or professional services ads. Often, they show several different types of ads at the same time and add other search related content to the results page, pushing organic results farther down the page below the fold.

Why would Google push down the Organic results which are often the “best”?

Because google gets paid for clicks on ads.

Ads offer opportunities:

  1. Impressions are FREE
  2. The person seeing your ad searched for what you sell so they are the right person
  3. Clicks cost money, but again, the click came from someone shopping for what you sell

How our experts help

We take a holistic approach making sure that your ads perform better by using a CONVERSION based optimization system. The right ads show up in the right searches at the right times. They have a higher quality score which saves you money

Why Our Strategy Works for Our Clients 

We work the whole buyer funnel regardless of the length of the buying cycle:

  1. Drive AWARENESS of your product or service.
  2. Get shoppers INTERESTED in it so they seek more information.
  3. Increase the DESIRE for it.
  4. Lastly, they take ACTION to acquire it.

There are many clicks throughout this journey. We help you get the clicks that turn into sales. 

Quality Matters

Google still makes sure ads are highly relevant by using a Quality Score. Your ad’s Quality Score can mean higher placement and lower cost for every click.

This quality score is a combination of the keyword relevance as it relates to the ad copy and the landing page. In simplistic terms, a Burger King ad would have an extremely low quality score in a search for “Pizza.”

Businesses set a budget with Google and bid to get space in the paid ad area based on searched words that best describe their business. These are known as “keywords.” Some types of businesses pay much more than others in paid search advertising because in that particular geographical area or market segment a lot of businesses are competing to get exposure there. In Las Vegas, for example, when people search for “personal injury lawyer” the cost per click is expensive and well over $130, while the cost for “shoe store” clicks are only $1 each or less. The nice thing is that your business gets FREE advertising presence and visibility when appearing in the cost per click section as long as people do not happen to click on you.  Of course, people who do click on you are usually quite interested. Closing or success rate tends to be higher than what is normally experienced. PPC is good for reaching people who are actively shopping, but not necessarily good for building brand awareness and image or for correcting misperceptions about your business. Be careful. Pay per click is a drug and like all drugs should be taken carefully because, indeed, there are bad side effects.